We create and maintain gardens to provide free, locally grown food and deliver health, education and economic benefits to residents of Oxford County, Maine. We also promote social interactions and provide opportunities for multi-cultural and inter-generational connections.

In 2015, as a grassroots effort, we distributed over 19,000 pounds of fresh produce to individuals, families, food pantries and schools. This success led to the formation of Gardeners Growing Healthy Communities. We are a Maine non-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

“I have been able to keep my blood sugar under control because of all the vegetables I get here.”
— Elizabeth, Rumford

We use our skills and interests to grow, maintain and harvest the gardens.

Weighing the harvest    (Photo: M. Davis)

We provide live cooking demonstrations, with food samples and recipes, featuring produce harvested from the garden that day.

Harvest Dinner 2011 109.jpg

We offer a garden training course followed by hands-on training time in the garden.