13,900 pounds benefiting over 2000 people

We Couldn't Have Done It Without Community Help

Once again there are many individuals and organizations to thank for their volunteer hours in the gardens and donations from local farms and gardens.  We are grateful for the terrific support of the First Congregational Church of South Paris and Holy Savior Parish of Rumford, our new distribution location in Rumford. 

In 2018 Rumford distributions moved to Wednesdays at the Holy Savior Parish.  We were allowed to use their parish hall and church parking lot to prep vegetables and distribute them with greater ease and efficiency. Several of the parishioners helped with weekly distribution.  The new day and location were very successful. Over 10 weeks, approximately 2500 lbs of produce were provided to 150 households feeding about 425 individuals. 

The South Paris garden volunteers distributed approximately 11,400 lbs of produce over 12 weeks to an average of 141 individuals each week.  We were again enthusiastically supported on August 23rd by a Bowdoin College first year orientation group.

Plant starts were grown by Briar Patch Greenhouse in Mexico.  Thank you, Sandy Witas! Healthy Oxford Hills partnered with GGHC to provide cooking demonstrations as part of both the Rumford and South Paris distributions.

Thank you to those who volunteered in the gardens and donated produce this season.  Extra special thanks to Sue Day, Cooper Farm, Lowell Family Farm, and Pietree Orchard.  Our volunteers and donations are critical to GGHC’s continued success.

Happy Rumford Kale Harvesters

Happy Rumford Kale Harvesters

South Paris Garden in August, the crops are in!

South Paris Garden in August, the crops are in!


In August 2018, we again had some enthusiastic volunteers from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The "Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good" sponsored a first-year student orientation group who visited the Oxford Hills area to learn more about rural Maine communities. They volunteered in the garden and helped prepare vegetables to give away that evening. Once the produce was moved to the distribution site, they helped set up tables and chairs and joined the distribution line. Thank you to all the students who came to help.  We hope to work with Bowdoin students again next year!